H. Blin

The beginning of the story dates back to the mid-20th century, to 1947 to be precise, the year in which Henri Blin, born and raised in a family of winemakers, had the intuition to bring together 28 other winemakers like him, to found the maison “H. Blin & C. ". Since then, through seven decades, the cooperative has now come to include about 120 members, and can count on a vineyard area that extends over 120 hectares in total. The scenario is that of the territory of the French municipality of Vincelles, which means it’s in the Marne Valley, where the pinot meunier grapes dominate undisputed, a grape variety known for being able to give wines that are certainly structured and full-bodied, but also subtle and fragrant at the same time. Pursuing a philosophy that provides for the utmost respect for the environment and ecosystem, in the vineyard of the maison, “H. Blin" has always banned any type of chemical substances, and every practice responds to the dictates of sustainable agriculture, so that the grapes that are harvested are pure, concentrated and rich in all their natural and organoleptic nuances. In the cellar, from the grapes to the bottling phase and marketing, each production step is organized in the name of total traceability. Wine is exclusively made from the grapes grown by the maison's partners, about 500 thousand bottles are produced annually on average. Simply excellent champagnes, traditional - with the Brut, Rosé, Reserve and "Charles Vercy" cuvées - but also innovative, with "Quintessence" and "L’Esprit Nature Bio". Labels, those that lead back to the name of “H. Blin ”, with an absolute charm, capable of winning the highest praise from wine critics, but above all true to the essence of the whole Marne Valley.