Tenuta San Guido

The name of Tenuta San Guido is inextricably linked to the origins of the famous wine - considered one of the best wines in the world - Sassicaia. Since 1968 - the year in which the first vintage was released - Sassicaia has achieved worldwide fame, growing year after year. But in this estate there are numerous successes in the oenological field: the Tenuta San Guido, whose name derives from San Guido della Gherardesca who lived in the 13th century, is a historic winery in the Bolgheri area, located along the Etruscan coast that goes from Livorno to Grosseto, in the Tuscan Maremma. Extending over a total area of ​​about 2500 hectares, the company can currently count on 90 hectares of vineyards, which include 75 hectares dedicated exclusively to the production of Sassicaia, which was born from ​the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta’s idea, who wanted create a great Bordeaux-style wine. It was in fact the 1920s, when the Marquis himself, inspired by Bordeaux and the aristocracy of the past, dreamed of producing a purebred wine. Moving to the Tuscan estate in the second half of the 1900s, the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta began to experiment, planting some rooted French vine varieties in an area which was never known from a wine-making point of view, until that point. From that moment, with splendid foresight, the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta was able to understand the potential of the Bolgheri area and of those same lands on which he had planted the cuttings, which had unique characteristics - very similar to the Graves and Bordeaux area in the microclimate - and a stony ground, (a “sassicaia”) to which this extraordinary wine owes its name. In addition to the famous Sassicaia wine, Tenuta San Guido also produces two other labels: “Guidalberto”, made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, and “Le Difese”, an IGT made from Cabernet and Sangiovese. With a production that reaches an average of 800 thousand bottles per year, Tenuta San Guido made the Bolgheri area internationally known and successful. Tenuta San Guido stands in a dimension out of the ordinary and suspended in time, almost mythological. Its ancient origins, the uniqueness of the microclimate and the territory but, above all, the quality of the final product have allowed Sassicaia to achieve an unparalleled record: it’s the first Italian wine which has a reserved DOC of its own. The Bolgheri Sassicaia appellation belongs exclusively to the Tenuta San Guido of the Incisa della Rocchetta family: the existing disciplinary in this regard, in fact, regulates that the production area of ​​Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC is limited to the Sassicaia property and that the blend consists of a minimum of 80% of cabernet sauvignon. Sassicaia’s releases are also regulated by specific “disciplinare” that allows it to be sold no earlier than 2 years of aging. On Tannico we have selected the best bottles of Tenuta San Guido that will allow you to discover a powerful and refined wine, with an intense garnet red color. At the table, Sassicaia divinely pairs with the great Tuscan tradition of rare meats, such as an exquisite cut of Chianina steak, as well as game and wild boar.